Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Not so Happy Halloween

The omen that signaled it all was Ava in bed around 5:00 this morning coughing a little. I should have known that bad times were a coming. The nose started running, the appetite went away, the moodiness began, and I can feel two molars hanging out below the surface of the gum.

Of course there is always tons of stuff to do on Halloween and yesterday was no exception. I rushed home, hurried Ava into her costume for pictures, and we took off into the backyard, runny nose and all. Thank God it was a beautiful day of it. Since I wasn't able to get any good pictures of Ava in her costume on Saturday night (I will post the rest of those Hall-O-Weenie Roast pictures later), I was determined to get a good shot. My camera has been acting up and not focusing right - {hint, hint to that wonderful husband of mine} so I decided to go outside where Ava loves it. She has been enthralled by pumpkins and loved touching, patting, and kissing them. I thought, what better than to have my pumpkin princess play with a pumpkin. Why in the world would I assume that this would be the 20 minutes that Ava decided pumpkins are just not that cool and it is much more fun to eat rocks? Needless to say, the pictures I did get were kind of blurry and I was kind of sweaty and in a foul mood. Guess Ava's mood wears off on people.

Next on the agenda was to carve one last pumpkin. This one was especially for Ava and had a picture of Uniqua on it. My hands were cramping and I had been working on it for quite a while when Ava came up and decided to poke one of her eyes out. Thank God for Bradley and toothpicks!

Our first trick-or-treater arrived at 5 and Ava ran to the door. I had to move her aside to get the door open and that's when the fit began. From then on out, the fits came quite frequently. Ava wanted to dump out the basket, Ava wanted to run around the yard and head for the road, Ava wanted to go with the other kids. On and On until I thought I was going to go crazy. After a disappointing 75 trick-or-treaters we took Ava to one house, Nana and Pop's. She was fine while there and then we headed home for bath and bedtime. I quickly followed into the bed and passed out, so exhausted after what is usually my favorite holiday. I hope next year is much better! But on a side note, as you can see from the above pictures, we handed out Play-Doh this year and the kids loved it! I was so happy to see the kids excited about it. It was so cute to see how happy it made the little ones to get Play-Doh.

Thank you to Aunt Bethany, Nana, Pop, Grammy, and Gramps for the cards and gifts that Ava got on Halloween.

Ava definitely should not be getting so close to Squiggles, especially when Squiggles is in costume.
Ava heading for the candy.

Ava loved Pirate Mickey and even said "Ickey" several times.
Ava's Uniqua pumpkin
Ava Trick-or-Treating at Nana and Pop's

One of the only good pictures I got of her.

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