Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloweenie Roast Pictures

Here is the rest of the pictures from the Hall-O-Weenie Roast. After carving pumpkins and playing badminton, we got the fire going and roasted hot dogs and had s'mores. Ava was very intrigued by the fire, but never got too close. I was just scared she would trip and fall near it so we kept a very close eye on her. She ate most of my hot dog and most of her Nana's veggie burger.

Then I changed her into her Pumpkin Princess costume so everyone could see what a cutie she was. She ran around in her little outfit for quite a while. She had only taken a short nap and was so tired that we tried to get her in bed at 8. No such luck, but thanks to her Daddy who bathed her and put her in bed because her Mommy was so tired she was in bed before Ava! It was a great day, but we were exhausted. Thanks to everyone who came.
Ava with Pop (I love how the smoke from the fire is making a screen)

Nana and Ava

I think her little tights and tutu are so cute!
Grammy's Rose
All 5 of our pumpkins
Bethany and Peyton's Castle
Gramps's skeleton - Grand Prize Winner
My Dumbo
Above - Nana's Donald Duck
Below - Ava with Grammy and Gramps


  1. Anonymous12:24 PM

    We had a wonderful time, but the best part was getting to see the Pumpkin Princess!! Grammy

  2. Licia1:39 PM

    Had to stop by for the Ava Halloween pics. SOOO cute! The pic of her and Pop is really cute.


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