Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snowman Hat Shenanigans

While we celebrated Thanksgiving at my Grandparents' house this weekend, my Aunt Bo brought down some hats for the little ones to wear. Most were too small, but this one fit just right. Only Ava didn't see it that why. We fought with her for a while on wearing the hat and as you can see from the pictures. She finally just gave up fighting and kept in on for a couple of minutes. It was hilarious how anti-hat she was. She just flat out refused to humor us and wear the hat. It was funny how hard she fought and then relented at the last minute. Too cute!

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  1. You know you have me hooked on this blog now! I HAVE to check in for the latest Ava pics and comments! LOL. These are hysterical! The one she actually looks like she is in pain and then there at the end she just goes with it! So, tell Ava thanks for the great entertainment. :-D


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