Monday, January 07, 2008

Bringing Home Baby

I got an e-mail from my cousin and he was excited to announce that he and his family are being featured in an upcoming episode of TLC's Bringing Home Baby. I have my TiVo set and I am ready to see Venice on the big screen. Here is the info from his episode:

Jan 08, 2008
3:00 pm
(30 minutes)
Bringing Home Baby Big World, Little Baby (Episode 356)TV-G Jeff and Signe approach life in different ways. Dad likes to be in control while mom tends to go with the flow. Once they bring home their newborn daughter, Venice, will this couple be able to ignore their differences and pull together as a team?

Tune in tomorrow!

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  1. Anonymous2:05 AM

    I have posted comments on your new blog at least a couple of times, but for some reason, they aren't printing! I even wrote one twice tonight, just to be sure I hadn't done something wrong, but it just won't print, for some reason.

    And by the way...................
    This is cheating!!!!!! You wrote the SAME THING on both blogs this time, and to make matters worse, you didn't even post ONE picture of Ava!!!!! How can you treat us loyal blog-watchers this way? I am very disappointed, and I'll bet I'm not the ONLY one!!!!
    Shame, shame!!

    Sad Nana :(


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