Tuesday, January 08, 2008

No Ava, No Ava

This seems to be my mantra lately. I feel like this makes up the most part of my vocabulary everyday. Ava has gotten to a stage where she is very curious (more so than before if that is possible), and she just explores everything. Which is good, but also bad when it is things that are dangerous. Over the past few weeks she has pulled down a hot curling iron on herself, has taken to crawling up the stairs before you can catch her, takes the child lock off the DVD cabinet and unloads it, is very interested in the oven when I am cooking, and who can forget the Ralphie's ears fiasco? When I am home, she has kept me on my toes. Her vocabulary is improving every day and she now strings words together to form "Ava sentences." It is so funny because I totally get what she is saying!
For those of you wondering, the weather here was a little crazy today. We had to keep our students at school until almost 4 because of tornadoes and bad wind. I called Anne as soon as I heard there was a warning and she was headed down to the storm shelter with Ava. When I got home they were still in the shelter waiting until it was safe to come out. Ava was passed out on Anne's lap, but she had not been scared while down there. Can't believe it's just Jan. and the bad weather is already starting. Thanks Anne for making sure my baby was safe. My kids at school asked me if I was worried, and I said, "No. Ava is with her grandmother so I know she is as safe with her as if she were with me." Thanks for taking such good care of my little one. As far as damage gone, a town right outside of Dyersburg on the other end of the county sustained some damage, but I'm not sure how much.
Luckily the storm didn't interfere with "Bringing Home Baby" because it was so cool seeing Jeff, Signe, and Venice on TV. It will be rerunning so watch it on TLC if you get the chance!
So here are some recent pictures of the little princess and one cat (Zoe)!
This picture is funny because it reminds me of an old man with a pipe or a cigar.

Growing some hair!

These last ones were of me playing with my new lens. Can't wait to get it out in the sunshine (whenever that is!).


  1. Anonymous3:29 AM

    MUCH BETTER!!! I love all the cute pictures of Ava....They make me want to pull her out of my computer and smooch on her! Thanks for the things you said about me taking care of her. You know I love doing it, and it makes me feel good to know you feel she's in good hands.

    Happy Nana :)

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