Saturday, January 12, 2008

This kid cracks me up...

Ava is such a funny little kid. She is such a ball of personality and energy. Here is what she is doing lately that is entertaining.

  • The other night as I was changing her diaper, she was just a singing away. Now, that's not unusual, because she loves to sing. I had no clue what she was singing, it was just a mish-mash of words until she got to the part that went - E,I,E,I,O. And then the duck was going, "wack, wack, ear." She had been watching Blues Clues and sure enough, they were singing Old MacDonald. I tried to get it on tape and I got the E,I,E,I,O, but then she saw the camera and it was over!

  • Today while Bradley was napping and I was watching TV, she was playing in her playroom. I heard things scooting, but just thought she was pushing around cars and Little People. Nope, she had rearranged all the stuff in her playroom and it looked like a tornado had passed though!

  • Last night we went for dinner at the Chinese restaurant and she had a whole plate of food (she is wonderful eater who comes by it naturally!) and all of a sudden a hand snakes into my food (and I have basically the same stuff she does), into my fried rice, because she had located...a green pea!

So those are just some recent funnies from Ava. Here are some recent pictures of her. Check out her attitude in the first one! The last 2 are of her sleeping this afternoon in her jumper.

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