Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hello to everyone. Hope you have had a great New Year and are getting back into the swing of things. I started back to work today for just a half day. Students return tomorrow and I all prepared and set up. Bradley also returned to work (they were off yesterday and half day NYE) and I know we are both exhausted. I tell you, the last 2 weeks have flown by too fast and I am more tired now than I was at the beginning of vacation!

Once again, we hosted a New Year's Eve party/Bradley's birthday party here at our house and just had a great time. Attending this year was Nana, Pop, Aunt Bethany, and our friends, Jonathan, Stacy, and JonThomas. We rang in the New Year with full stomachs, sparkling grape juice, and sparklers. Ava passed out at about 10:30 and being moody for quite a while. She has been struggling with a cold/fever/runny nose/a horrible cough, but on Monday, I bought a vaporizer for her room and her cough is almost gone. Ahhh, the power of vapor. We played Battle of the Sexes (which proved women are the superior sex!), Catchphrase (my personal fave), and Family Feud. Let's just say that I am not one to put on the Fast Money Round! Stacy baked Bradley a cake and my man is now 32 years old. Time is really flying! So here are some pictures from NYE! Hope yours were all fantastic!

Sausage Balls - recipe from Freeman Family Cookbook

Ava and Stacy

Joe and Anne (aka Nana and Pop)
Stacy, Jonathan, and JonThomas
Anne, Joe, and Bethany
Bradley and I
Here's to fresh starts!

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