Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas with the Rogers Family

On the 26th of December, the Rogers family gathers together at Aunt Mary's house to celebrate Christmas. We always have a delicious dinner and play one of the worst games ever invented, Dirty Santa. Now for all my family who doesn't know what Dirty Santa is, it is a game where everyone brings a gift, draws a number, opens a gift or proceeds to steal from others. I had never played Dirty Santa until moving to TN and the people here are Dirty Santa addicts. Seriously. There should be a support group. But I play, but I only play at this particular gathering. I boycott all other gatherings where Dirty Santa or any other rendition of the game is played. Love the holidays. Yes. Love Dirty Santa. No. But I played and Bradley and I got 2 very nice gifts. To explain myself, I don't hate, hate the game itself, I just hate feeling pressured to bring a $10 gift to every party. One year, I was invited to 5 holiday parties where they all wanted a $10 gift. That's $50 for me and $50 for Bradley, and I would just rather go and visit with people then have to waste money. So, now you know and I will get off the Dirty Santa Soapbox... until next year! ;)

Anyway, it was a good time, great food {Thanks Uncle Timmy for the recipe for Spinach Artichoke Dip}, and Ava got some great presents.
Ava thinks the chair lift remote is a telephone.

Ava with Aunt Bethany

The Rogers Family
Uncle Johnny and Aunt Helen, Nana and Pop
Dewey (LeaAnna and Josh's dog) in his Christmas finery

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