Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Day with the Freemans

After opening gifts and playing with Santa's gifts in TN, we loaded up and headed for KY to have Christmas with the Freemans. Christmas was harder than usual because my Mammaw had fallen and broken her leg the week before and was in the hospital. In spite of this, everyone showed up to have Christmas dinner at her house and be together for a few hours on the holidays.

We then went to my parents house for Christmas with my Mom, my Dad, my brother, Nick, Trayton, Ava, Bradley, and I. We had to do Trayton's first so he could get back to his Mom, but that he still enjoyed his gifts and we had fun watching him open them. My dad was on-call and got called out for an hour or so, but he made it back and we finished opening presents.

And what Christmas Day is complete without gas station pizza? We enjoyed pizza for supper and them played Mexican Train Dominoes (which was a gift for my dad). Ava was pretty messy throughout the day. Score was as follows: Dog Bowl - 1, Ava - 0 and Diet Coke - 1, Ava - 0. Thank goodness Trayton had a shirt big enough for Ava, but in her striped pajamas, tennis shoes, and band shirt, she looked like an 80's reject! We got home around 1:00 and were tuckered out.

By the way, if you are wondering why there are not more pictures of Ava with people, it's because she's too darn busy to stay still long enough for a picture!

Ava and my cousin, Jeff - She was friends with anyone who would share a drink or food.

Ava with Uncle Earl

Ava with Uncle Nick and Trayton
Nick and Trayton
Aunt Tiffy and Trayton
Heading home
Mom with her 2 peacock ornaments
Ava with Mounty Tyrone
Commandeering the basket
Gramps giving Ava Mounty Tyrone
Gramps with his gift
Ava and Uncle Nick
Ava and Gramps playing

Me with my Freeman Family Cookbook
She found the chocolate
My 80's reject

One more day of Christmas to go. Christmas with the Rogers Family. Maybe I will get it posted tomorrow in time for New Year's!

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