Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Blog

I have started a new blog in which I will attempt to blog 365 (okay, 366) pictures this year. Part of my New Year's Goals was to learn to use my camera properly. In an effort to do that, I am taking a fellow scrapbooker's challenge and working on the 365 challenge. I promise I will not neglect this blog, but the new blog will be more personal and more about me than Ava. So if you are stopping by to check on Ava, my 365 blog is probably not the place for you. I welcome you to check it out though and make a comment every now and then.

Here is my blog :

And here is the challenge link:

Here are 2 other photo sites that I think are cool:

Anyway, enjoy and don't worry, I will still be posting Ava stuff HERE!

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