Monday, October 08, 2007

Daily Happening - Day 6 of Fall Break

Today was a pretty boring day the Rogers' house and a very tired one. Ava woke up several times last night and even slept in our bed for a couple of hours until I couldn't stand the bed hog anymore! Ava just gets in bed and takes over! She is feeling much better and her temp has hovered around 99 to 100 all day today so we didn't go the doctor. That is without any Tylenol or any medicine so I think she is getting better. She is playing good and talking a lot, but is still a little clingy. Thanks for all of you who have called to check on her and have thought of us, I appreciate all of you! Here are some pics from tonight. Bless her little sore nose because she has a raw spot under it and I know it is hurting her very badly. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day for us!

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