Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Daily Happenings - Day 7

The sickness is finally fading away and I am so glad. Ava's nose is still a little runny, but nothing like it was and now she is even used to the nose wiping (some of the time anyway). She is fever free and feeling good. We ventured out to Wal-Mart today because I was in desperate need of groceries. Ava got some new Halloween rubber duckies and I will try to snap some pics with her and them. She loves her rubber ducks! We took a nap for most of the afternoon and tonight we played with Ava's toys until Daddy got home from work. Pretty uneventful and restful day. To add to Ava's vocabulary she now says 'uppy' which stands for puppy. She says it so cute when she is playing with her toy phone. She knows which doors are supposed to be shut in the house (to keep her corralled) and will shut them if you failed to do so. She is also going through a stage of not eating at all during some meals and only slight amounts at others. I just let her eat when she's hungry and if I try to give her a bite and she says no several times, I stop at that. I bought a "What to Expect During the Toddler Years" today and the 13th month contains information about... decreased appetite in toddlers. It says just don't fight them and force them to eat because they are smarter than adults and know when they are hungry. It also says that at this stage they recognize that you feed them several times a day and know that there will be more opportunities to eat. So we are not forcing the issue and she is doing fine.

Here are pics from today and this evening. Enjoy!

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