Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fall Break - Daily Happening - Day 9

I can't believe that Fall Break is almost officially over. Not a lot to show for it except for lazy time and time spent hanging out with Ava. Fun, but I should have accomplished something! Oh well! Time marches on.

This morning for breakfast, Ava had toast and an egg. It was the first time she had egg that wasn't scrambled and she acted like she semi-enjoyed it. She also topped of breakfast with part of a banana. She loves bananas! After a short nap and lunch, Nana came over to keep her while I went to get a haircut and to check out a cheerleading outfit they had at a local kids' store. When I got home we played for a while and then I finally got her to lay down and take another nap (which I slept a little bit of too). Then supper, Survivor, bath time, and bed. I am planning on taking Ava to the pumpkin patch her in town tomorrow in hopes of getting a few cute fall pictures to send out. We shall see though! Anyways, one more weekday of break and the dread is already starting! Have a great Friday everyone!
I think she looks so cute from the back in her little jacket!

Giving her baby a paci.
Cheesing for the camera
Kissing the baby

She knows doors are supposed to be shut.

She's very intrigued by Jack Skeleton.

Poor Squiggles has had to sleep with Pablo all day. Funny story about Squiggs and Ava. yesterday Ava carried around a plastic spoon (think big serving spoon) like it was a wand. She hit Squiggles with it and Squiggles bit the spoon. Ava then said "OW!" and turned around and hit me. It was very funny.
Ms. Couch Potato eating graham crackers.

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