Sunday, October 07, 2007

Daily Happenings - Just sickness

Nothing to post that is any fun. I haven't taken any photos from the last 2 days. Yesterday Aunt Bethany, Ava, and I made a quick shopping trip to Jackson to pick up some Halloween fun and after we got back, it all went downhill. Ava had woken up feeling pretty good. Not too snotty and she even ate breakfast (after not eating lunch or dinner on Friday). She ate a pretty good lunch with us at Dumplins in Jackson but after we got home she started running fever and just being so pitiful. She ran about 103.5 last night and was just so sad. Bradley stayed up very late checking on her and then she got up this morning at 6:00 and just wouldn't stop crying running between 103 and 103.9. She was so pitiful. So all day long we have slept on and off, dealt with crying issues and just basically been at Ava's beck and call. No problem, that's what we do as parents. She just went down for bed with a temp of 102 and another dose of Tylenol. Signs point to a doctor visit tomorrow if she is still over 100 (because I'm one of those moms who will run to the doctor). I really hate to go for just a snotty nose, but we will just see in the morning. Keep your fingers crossed that we wake up tomorrow to a happier, less hot baby.

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