Friday, October 05, 2007

Daily Happening - Day 5

I can't believe that my Fall Break is already half over. Man how time flies! Today was a busy day because it was Arts and Crafts Day at Reelfoot Lake. Ava stayed with her Nana while Stacy, Bethany, and I went to the Arts and Crafts show. We were pumped because for once it fell on a time when we were out of school on Friday so we could go the first day. It was crowded, but nothing like what it normally is on Saturday when about 40-50,000 swarm in. It was a little disappointing because it didn't seem as big as usual, but Stacy also pointed out that it was also not as crowded so we got through looking a little faster. Aside from food purchases, Stacy bought a painted gourd and a cake dish, I bought a painted gourd, a huge painted skeleton, 3 hair bows for Ava , and a cute headband, and Bethany bought nothing. Towards the end we were just hot and ready to go. We went to lunch at Dairy Queen (which we don't really have in Dyersburg, because in my opinion it's not a really Dairy Queen), and then stopped at a yard sale and consignment shop on the way home where I bought Ava a Noah's Ark Little People set and some knock off Ugg boots.

Ava stayed with her Nana while we were out crafting. She is feeling much better. Still very snotty, but at least it's coming out. I think she'll make a full recovery in no time (keep those fingers crossed). ;)

Bradley brought some Arby's home and we chowed down and then hung out for a while in Ava's play corner. I tell you what, for Bradley not have wanted to put the play area there, for the last 2 days we have basically hung out in that room with Ava and it has become the gathering spot. It's a very social place!

So anyway, I didn't take many pictures for today, but I took a couple of Ava in her car seat which we had temporarily taken out in case we needed tons of room for all the crafts we bought and when I brought it in, she was all over it. There are some of her in her boots (and yes she never got out of her nightgown today because she wasn't feeling well). Also my newest Halloween additions are pictured. Stop back later for pictures from tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

Check out this poor snotty nosed kid!

Don't be jealous of my new man Franklin! He was only $5 and on Clearance (I'm sure we can see why, but I love him!).
My new friend, Jack Skeleton.

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  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    We absolutely LOVE her little boots!!
    Grammy & Gramps


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