Thursday, October 04, 2007

How many of the Rogers family can catch a cold?

Over the past couple of days, I have been battling the cold. Just stuffy nose basically. I knew eventually it would spread elsewhere and the who was answered last night at around 10:30 when Brad says, "Ava's crying." I knew what that meant, the cold had struck it's next victim. Poor baby girl was so stopped up I had to get out the Dimetap (sp?) and the dreaded snot sucker. She was so tired she fell asleep in my lap downstairs, but through the night I would wake up and hear her sniff or cough a little bit.

So this morning at 7:30 when I got her out of bed her little face was so crusty with snot. Daddy was calling her a dirty baby with a dirty face. Once again it was snot sucker time and Dimetap time. Anyway, she is running just a slight fever and now every time she sneezes and huge string on snot slides down her face. She is eating good, not drinking so good, but acting like she feels pretty normal. A little clingy, but not too bad. So we have just been playing and cuddling and now she is watching Jack's Big Music Show and hanging out.

I have taken several pictures already today of us playing. Like I promised, her are some Halloween pics from our house and I while post my daily something of Ava closer to bedtime. I also have pics of her finished play area (while it's still neat and organized). Anyway, happy day and Bethany be careful on your way home!

This stack of pumpkins was a gift from my mom last year.
You can't tell really good, but the tree has some cool purple lights on it.

My villains snowglobe that Bradley bought me after our trip to Disney World in 2003.

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