Thursday, October 04, 2007

Daily Happenings - Day 4

We are working on beating the cold. Ava is in a good mood, but hates having her noses wiped or facing the snot sucker. It is just so runny and when she sneezes, I have never seen projectile snot like this kid has. But she is in good spirits, not eating very good because she is so stuffy, but drinking good and playing hard. She is in her room with Daddy right now while Mommy gets a little break. Of course he is using her TV to watch football or baseball or some nonsense. Anyway, not a lot to report today. Some good napping, lots of clinginess, and lots of napkins and Kleenex used. Here are some photos:

Seeing her bag for the first time:

Her little play corner:

Just playing:

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