Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall Break Daily Happenings - Day 8

As Ava and I settled into the table for another mealtime power struggle, I just decided if she was going to eat, it obviously wasn't going to be from me feeding her. Maybe her mealtime strikes were her way of saying that she wanted to do it herself. So I gave her a spoon and set her food in front of her to see what would happen.

Not much made it to her mouth, but she seemed very content to try. She spent a good 45 minutes feeding herself spaghetti. The same was true for supper tonight. She spent almost an hour feeding herself, this time using a fork. Now she would not accept the fork into her mouth if I tried to feed her, but I would put the food on the fork (because that's not down pat obviously) then she would take the fork and bite off it. It was too cute. Very time consuming, but hey she obviously feels that she is ready to do this and I feel good about that.

She has been acting her silly usual self and playing a lot. She has been jibber-jabbing up a storm and just saying the cutest things like "Wow, Wow Wubbzy" (the TV show) is Wow Wow Wuzzy. Adorable!

Anyway, check back tomorrow for a special treat and enjoy these pictures of Ava eating her first independent meal!

Show Mommy how the piggies eat!

She's making this blinkie face because she knows I am about to snap a picture!

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